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His Touch Worship Center addresses the spiritual needs of men and women of all ages.  We strive to reach out to those in need in our surrounding communities and provide the support and motivation they may be in need of through the help of Christ.

Youth Ministry

Nazirite Nation student ministry’s reason for existing is to help students develop a relationship with Jesus Christ so that when real life things happen, they will know how, and be confident on calling on Christ. We want Jesus Christ to be the center of their life. In this way when students graduate from High School and Student ministry they won’t graduate from Christianity but a relationship with Christ and a strong faith. 80% of students who graduate from high school and go to college leave their faith. The reason for this is because their faith was never really the center of who they were and they never had a real relationship with Jesus Christ. Nazirite Nation student ministry’s goal is to help students develop that relationship and strong Christian faith that will last because it is not just a part of them, but it is them. Remember, it’s not about religion but relationship.

Children's Ministry

At His Touch Ministries we strongly feel that it is very important for our children to know God and His love for them at an early age! Our workers are caring and responsible individuals with compassion towards the needs of our children, whether they are physical, emotional or spiritual. Through our awesome worship services, Bible-based lessons and fun filled games; seeds are being planted into their precious spirits to be nurtured as they grow in mind, body and spirit. We firmly believe that this age group is very fragile and impressionable. It is our main goal as spiritual leaders to teach them the love of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior and that He will never leave them or forsake them. Luke 9: 47 & 48 But Jesus knew their thoughts, so he stood a little child beside him and said to them, “Anyone who takes care of a little child like this is caring for me! And whoever cares for me is caring for God who sent me. Your care for others is the measure of your greatness.”

Women's Ministry

A woman’s job is not always easy. Every day struggles that she faces as a wife and mother can be detrimental to her physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. The seasons of life from the earlier years to the later can bring pleasurable moments as well as hardships, which can awaken many intense emotions. These emotions are normal for a woman to feel, but to maintain a positive attitude she needs to feel loved, understood and accepted. Many times only another wife and mother can truly understand these emotions and the needs that we as women have. The goal for the Women’s Ministry at His Touch is to be there for each other in good times and in bad and to provide the support and motivation needed through prayer and awesome fellowship with each other. Our Women’s Ministry will have fellowship meetings once a month, the date and time can be found by clicking on Events at the top of the web page. Please come join us for delicious food, awesome fellowship and great relationships through Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior.

Men's Ministry

The goal of our men's ministry is to provide men with opportunities for fellowship, study, worship, and to encourage them to become more Christ-like in their daily lives. Come, let's grow together in the faith while becoming better leaders, fathers, husbands, and stewards of God's gifts!

Prayer Ministry

Do you need rest? In the book of Psalms, the bible tells us that in God you can find refuge and strength, an ever-present help in time of trouble. At His Touch we believe that there is tremendous power in prayer. “The prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective,” James 5:16 (NIV). It is very important to daily lift the needs of our church, community and our nation. There is no problem too big or too small for God. He can do mighty miracles through simple faith in Him; all we have to do is believe! Through numerous scriptures we learn how powerful prayer can result in healing of the sick, demons can be cast out and the dead have been brought back to life. At His Touch, we are committed to you and your prayer needs. Through prayer you can break free from the bondage of drugs, alcohol, sickness, depression, abuse…etc, which can lead you to experience the unsurpassing joy of life in Christ. At any time you may post a prayer need on the prayer request web page and be assured that someone will be praying for you and your need! “Because he loves me,” says the Lord, “I will rescue him; I will protect him, for he acknowledges my name. He will call upon me, and I will answer him; I will be with him in trouble, I will deliver him and honor him. With long life will I satisfy him and show him my salvation.” Psalm 91:14-16 (NIV) Do you need His Touch?

Drama & Dance Ministry

Holy Revolution is a drama/dance team that's mission is to spark fire in the hearts of all people and start a holy revolution. We use the many gifts and talents of our team members to function in the Holy Spirit and bring awakening, revelation, and healing to all. We are driven by the Holy Spirit and function out of unadulterated love and passion to see the gospel spread in our community and beyond. It only takes one spark to start a fire...a Holy Revolution.


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